Immediate take-off for Mars!

Etherium, the new RTS game developed exclusively for PC by Tindalos Interactive and planned for release in Q3 2014, is launching its official site today!

To mark the occasion you can discover 4 new game screenshots that transport us to a planet within our own solar system... Mars!

Optimized for navigation on both smartphones and tablets, the Etherium website is a real mine of information on the title where you’ll find everything you need to know about the game mechanics, the gameplay, game modes and the three playable factions. There’s also a fabulous gallery of images and videos where you can see the screenshots revealed today and which take you to Mars, one of the 6 worlds that provide the setting for your confrontations in Etherium!

Mars is one of the 6 deposit planets for etherium, the extremely rare resource for which the armies of the Consortium, the Intari and the Vectides are locked in a merciless struggle. Humanity discovered etherium on Mars several hundred years ago during their first attempt to colonize it, as evidenced by the many ruins of industrial plants that were built to extract this precious resource. Today, a battle is raging on the Red Planet and the Consortium, mobilizing most of its troops on the ground, appears determined to keep control of the planet!

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