Update 1.0.9190 - Changelog

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Update 1.0.9190 - Changelog

Postby Epy » 12 May 2015, 19:58

Hello everyone,

You’ll find below the changelog of Etherium’s 3rd Patch!

We are still working on improving Etherium and providing you the best game experience possible.

Your feedback and reports are invaluable to us. Don’t hesitate to report any issue on the official forum or on the Steam Hub!

We’ll keep you updated about the next update.

  • Optimizations :
    • Improved : Performances on the 32bit version of the game.
    • Improved : Systems to prevent memory leaks and improve stability.

  • Feedback & FXs :
    • Added : The player's ranking is now displayed on the main menu
    • Added : An error message when using the following commander skills on transport units :
    • Promotion, Tactical Retreat & Teleportation.
    • Added : better feedback when using “Deployment”, “Reinforcement” and “Sell” in the FORCES panel.
    • Tweaked : Vectide Mortar’s shot FX.

  • Multiplayer :
    • Added : Safeties in case of servers suddenly stopping.
    • Fixed : Pre-game chat.

  • Fixes :
    • Fixed : Various fixes made to prevent crashes.
    • Fixed : An issue where the Collossus’ death animation wasn’t playing properly for the game’s host.
    • Fixed : An issue where factions’ extension counter wasn’t updating properly.
    • Fixed : An issue where an incorrect amount of Etherium was delivered when using “Financial Support”.
    • Fixed : 1920x1080 resolution.
    • Fixed : A rare issue where the player could start playing before the countdown timer.
    • Fixed : Some issues that could affect the progress of the game.
    • Fixed : An issue that would display the level of a unit in a transport incorrectly.
    • Fixed : A rare issue causing an infinite loading when starting a second fight on the conquest map.
    • Fixed : An issue where AI team names wasn’t properly translated.

See you on the battlefield!

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Re: Update 1.0.9190 - Changelog

Postby Henners » 13 May 2015, 12:12

Nice update :)

But still no in-game save option for singleplayer/skirmish
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