Play for free this week on Steam! (July 13 to 20) + 50% off during the week

Epic sci-fi RTS down to 50% off for the week, starting Monday 13th
Etherium, the explosive sci-fi RTS from Tindalos Interactive, will be free to download and play on Steam for an entire week, starting today and ending on the 20th. During this period, the game will also be 50% off!

In Etherium, manage your resources, build outposts to extend your control over the map, and crush your enemy under an army composed of a great variety of units: infantry, tanks, aircraft, and gigantic colossi of war; real machines of destruction! You will also use scientific research to develop a tech tree enabling you to unlock new units and upgrades, access new structures to develop your colony and to use new special skills. Watch the Vectides, Intar, and Consortium pit it out for the galaxy’s waning resources in the trailer for this fast-paced real-time strategy title from the developers of Stellar Impact. 

Etherium offers unique gameplay mechanics such as a dynamic weather system affecting the gameplay, and a host of faction-specific abilities and units to take to war. Conquer various maps across different planets in multiplayer, or take to the galaxy in Conquest mode to secure the six gestation planets – home to the mysterious organic power source known as Etherium.