Greetings Commanders, Epy here, report for duty! We’ll take a look today to the last type of extensions: upgrades specific and exclusive to each faction.The war for Etherium opposes three factions with fundamentally different culture, technology and gameplay: the Consortium, the Intars and the Vectides. Each one of the following extensions will embrace and improve the gameplay of each faction.

Let’s start with the Consortium which is an ultra-capitalist, corporate empire managed by a board of shareholders. They are fighting for profit with an army of machines produced industrially. Each loss is calculated pragmatically which reduces the cost of the units drastically thus allowing to form a strike force quickly and for a low price.

The Military-Industrial Complex is Consortium’s exclusive extension. When built it allows you to recover 10% of the cost for each division when they are destroyed. This will let you have a return on investment even if your army is completely destroyed on the battlefield allowing you to bounce back more easily and fight with a new strike force faster and more readily than your opponent.

In contrast, the Intari are organized around an order of warrior prophets who are born, live and die in the name of Etherium. They are fanatics who will offer their life without hesitation for the mysterious resource which is a central element in their civilization as it grants them the gift of precognition:  the awakening. They fear nothing and they are trained to slaughter anyone who stands between them and the etherium.

The Hall of the Praetorians is Intari’s exclusive extension. Each one of your division will get some experience while fighting, reaching new ranks and improving their efficiency. We’ll go further into this part of the game in another article.

The Hall of the Praetorians grants 20% resistance to all division reaching the “Legendary” rank while fighting. It will allow you to train a strike force made up of more experienced but also more fanatics veterans during the game to annihilate your opponents’ forces.

Finally, the Vectides are an enigma to all who come into contact with them. No one knows their organization or their origin and each encounter with the Vectides ended in a bloodbath. Their technology far surpasses that of Earth or even the Intari and the first analysis of their units killed in combat revealed no trace of any living organism nor an onboard computer but only pure Etherium. It seems that Ehterium itself has created them for an unknown purpose.

The Life Cell storage is Vectide’s exclusive extension. It enables you to add one unit to each infantry division allowing you to outsmart your opponent by the number of units on the battlefield. They are not an army, they are a real tide emotionless killing anything that might attempt to obstruct their progress.

These extensions are effective on the whole battlefield and you’ll be capped to five Military-Industrial complexes, Halls of the Praetorians or Life Cell Storages, summing their effect, per player and per map according to your faction.

You’re now aware of almost everything about the gameplay mechanics relating to the construction and development of your base in Etherium. Next week, we’ll talk about units and the division system. Do not hesitate to ask if you need further information about extension.