Hello Commanders, Epy here, Community Manager at Focus Home Interactive. We propose today to discover in depth the gameplay mechanics relating to the construction and development of your base in Etherium.

To allow you to focus on the strategic aspect and macro management, we have decided not to move towards a Base Building system but rather to a mono-structural system with one building per territory improved by a variety of extensions. This will allow you to focus on your positioning, on the army you want to make or on the battlefield itself and without being dragged into a race for the APM.

Each battlefield, for each planet is split between several territories. At the beginning of each game, you will see you’re invading force’s masterpiece landing and settling onto the ground of your initial area. Once deployed, the game begins and you can start your invasion by taking control of nearby territories thanks to four different sizes of structures which can be ameliorated with some extensions:

  • The Palace, serving as an alternative for the Control Center, is only available while playing the campaign or 2vs2 skirmish for one player of each side and offer 9 extensions slots.
  • The Control Center, the base of any planetary invasion (unless replaced by a Palace) which can support up to 6 extensions.
  • Colonies, which allows you to create operational bases and offer 3 extensions slots.
  • Outposts, basically a structure that allows you to support largest colonies and which can only support one extension.

Each of these structures allows you to take control of territories. You will be able to specialize them thanks to the extensions which are available in four distinct types:
  • Ressources Upgrades: Etherium refinery, ComSat relay, Technological center and Logistics centers
  • Area Upgrades: Spaceport, Supply bay, Repair bay and Force field generator
  • Global Upgrades: Orbital Canons
  • Upgrades specific and exclusive to each faction: Hall of the Praetorians for the Intars, Life Cell storage for the Vectides and Military-Industrial Complex for the Consortium.

We will come back soon in another article to describe in depth each extension, but don’t forget that each choice to place them on your structures will need to be maturely thought to allow you to ensure your dominance and to win the war for Etherium.

Epy for Tindalos Interactive & Focus Home Interactive.